The company holds the quality management certificates that are essential in order to operate on today’s markets, in Italy and abroad.


ISO 9001:2008

The Standard specifies the requisites that a quality management system must have to prove an organisation’s capacity to supply products compliant with customer requirements and the applicable regulations, and is aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. It is the reference for the assessment and certification of conformity of the company’s quality management systems.

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International Food Standard

The purpose of the IFS is to select branded food suppliers for mass retail on the basis of the supplier’s capacity to supply safe products that comply with specifications and legal requirements.

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BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety

The BRC-GSFS is one of the most popular international instruments used by mass retail to qualify its suppliers, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the food products proposed to consumers.

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Respecting the criteria of EC Regulation 834/2007, every step in the production cycle of Stella Bianca’s organic products is subject to meticulous inspections and in-house checks, and is certified and controlled by the organic product certification body Bioagricert.

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IQNet – The International Certification Network has been active since 1990, and has almost 40 Partner certification bodies with more than 200 subsidiaries worldwide. Each of these IQNet Partners is a leader in their region; and collectively through IQNet, this represents the most extensive and reputable network of certification bodies worldwide.

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