About us

brand-stella-biancabrand-stella-biancaStella Bianca is one of the Italian companies that best represent the cheese-making and dairy sector in Lombardy. Situated near Lodi, just a few kilometres south of Milan, in an area renowned for its agri-food tradition, it has been present on the market since 1978.

Stella Bianca now occupies an area of 25,000 m2.

The company is specialised in the production of fresh cheeses: Crescenza, Stracchino, spreadable cheese; products which require very close attention during every phase of production and distribution. Fresh, healthy and genuine products, to satisfy today’s most demanding consumers.

It is present on the market with the brand Stella Bianca, Petit Suisse and with a range of organic products.

The aims of Stella Bianca are, on one hand, to continue along the path of specialisation, which sees it as reference company for modern consumers, constantly seeking quality and food safety, and, on the other, to consolidate its position as a valid interlocutor for the industry and mass retail.