The most important sponsor of Stella Bianca is the product.

All the phases that bring our products to the tables of consumers are aimed at satisfying the highest quality standards, something which is essential in order to operate on the market in the long term.

High product quality

High product quality means, first of all, a high-quality raw material: milk. Constant attention is aimed at searching for and selecting suppliers that guarantee high quality standards.

Guaranteed and controlled production

Production takes place in a modern, fully automated plant, where constant health and hygiene inspections during every phase of the production process guarantee the safety of Stella Bianca products. The quality control department carries out spot checks every day on every product, continuing the monitoring process until expiry.

High quality in every phase of the production process

High quality means constant quality, every day of the year: a constant effort to improve. At Stella Bianca, particular attention is paid to individual and outer packaging, studied to meet consumer needs and simplify distribution. As far as logistics are concerned, we work exclusively with specialised distributors, because punctuality and maintenance of the cold chain are essential to the management of our products.

Certified quality

The company holds the quality management certificates, that are essential in order to operate on today’s markets, in Italy and abroad.